The globalization has been leading to a situation where personal and professional relationships are being held on an international level. This social complexity makes the international law more and more important. This branch of law regulates the legal relationships between private individuals or companies when a cross border element is involved.

We are pioneers and experts in this field of law. Our solicitors who are specialized in this field will advise you in your mother tongue about your case and will solve all doubts such as the question which court of which state is competent or which national law applies in your specific case.


  • Legal advice considering the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards
  • Legal advice and claims of preventive seizures
  • Legal advice and claims of cross boarder enforcements
  • Right of asylum
  • Procedures of extradition
  • Residency permits
  • Movement and displacement between countries
  • Employment contracts of foreign companies in Spain
  • Employment contracts of Spanish companies in foreign countries
  • Employment relationships of expats with their source company
  • Legal advice for companies which want to invest in Spain