The Dutch Desk is the flagship of Bressers Law and provides services to our Dutch clients with interests in Spain and our Spanish clients with activity in the Netherlands. Led by the firm’s managing director, a Dutch national, it is the desk which led to the birth of the law firm, founded in 2007.

Bressers Law was born out of the necessity which was detected by our founding partner, to respond to the needs in legal matters between Spain and Holland. That has become our specialty and because of that we are widely recognized by our clients. Holland always has been one of the main investors in Spanish Territory and Holland is considered a very important trading partner. Furthermore, the business transactions between both countries are flowing and have been recovering after the low caused by the crisis.

The close relationship between both countries is reflected by the important colony of Dutch citizens in Spain as well as the number of Spanish professionals in the Netherlands.

Added value

The Dutch Desk is directed by the founder and managing director of the lawfirm, Martijn Bressers, practicing solicitor and member of the Bar Association of The Hague and Barcelona. Our managing partner’s vast international experience ensures our clients not only a profound knowledge of the businessworld, the culture and the Dutch language but also the legal authority to defend the client’s interests with all guarantees. Furthermore, Martijn Bressers, lover of difficult challenges, pays special attention to every case of the desk

Our solicitors of the Dutch Desk advice and guide our clients through the legal systems of Spain and Holland and work every case at an international level and with a cross boarder vision.