Family law issues are highly relevant in the life of people and especially when one of the individuals is foreigner and lives in a country which isn’t his. We consult in this field with the highest intensity possible, gentleness and depth in order to help our clients to find the best solution in procedures of family breakdown, especially when children are involved. We always keep the child’s best interest in mind

We are experts of family and inheritance law with international character with more than 10 years of experience and we have helped many families in their breakdown process. That allows us to offer our clients a personalized service based on a profound technical rigor and the knowledge of the customary practices of matrimonial crisis of mixed marriages. Furthermore, we are providing a legal service which covers all the needs which a person or family might have after an event of death

Our team, highly qualified in family and inheritance law, will consult and defend you bringing the added value of our experience in international cases. We are well aware of the importance that each case has for the person involved and we offer a personalized service in your own language.


Family law

  • Counselling in the case of separations and divorces processes, as contentious as by mutual agreement.
  • Legal advice prior to marriages concerning Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish family law as well as concerning international private law
  • Cross boarder pension claims
  • Assignment of child care and custody
  • Parenting plans. Shared custody
  • Regulation of the parent-child relation
  • Cross border visitation rights
  • Visitation rights for grandparents
  • Modifications of visitation arrangements
  • Claims of paternity and filiations
  • Legal advice concerning the economic consequences of a divorce
  • Recognition of foreign judgements
  • International child abduction
  • Declaration of incapacity
  • Civil annulment
  • Agreements for future breakups
  • Drafting of pre-nuptial agreements
  • Liquidation of matrimonial property regime and liquidation of common property

Inheritance Law | Inheritances

  • Legal advice considering national and international inheritance law, including the legal and fiscal planning of intestate successions.
  • Legal assistance in connection with the defence of the heir’s interests in the courts and outside.
  • Claims of compulsory portions and legacies. Challenge of wills and declarations of heirs.
  • Intervention in the legal administration of estates
  • Intervention as executors and heir representative
  • Payment of inheritance tax and gift duty
  • Preparation of succession of a family-owned business