Business operations are of greater significance in the economy of companies and private individuals, especially when they are being carried out in a country where the law and its costumes are unknown. Because of that, it is essential to be able to rely on a legal advice in our own language which anticipates possible conflicts that may arise, facing them with efficient and definitive solutions.

We are specialists with more than 10 years of experience in providing services of an integrated manner in commercial transactions to international clients. We have worked in many complicated cases which permits us to offer our clients a personalized service base on a profound technical rigor and the knowledge of the common market practice.

Our team of solicitors will advise you in business transactions of your company, in connection with contracts or actions which might be relevant for your projects. We are counting with a vast experience in Business Law and are specialized in providing legal advice and managing business and company maters of an international character.


  • Legal advice and assistance in case of company, branch or office formation
  • Legal advice in case of establishing offices in foreign countries
  • Purchase and sale of companies and business branches
  • Assistance in company transactions
  • Purchase and sale of stocks and shares
  • Increase/decrease of social capital
  • Mergers and other structural modifications of companies
  • Drafting of agreements: joint venture, civil partnership, community of goods and parasocial agreements
  • Legal advice and drafting of family protocols
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Arrangements with creditors
  • Liability of the managing director
  • Challenging of corporate agreements, defence of the interests of the minority shareholder. Defence of the interests of the stockholders meeting.
  • Claims and regains of depts.
  • Representation and commercial distribution contracts: agency contracts, concessions and franchises.
  • Sales of goods on national, European and extraEU level
  • Intellectual and industrial property contracts: trademarks, patents and utility models
  • Guarantee and counterguarantee contracts, bonds and foreign endorsements
  • Company loan and leasing agreements
  • Construction work contracts, provision of services, engineering and outsourcing
  • Transportation and logistics contracts
  • Purchase contracts of software, hardware, ecommerce
  • Keeping of company books
  • Registration and handlings before the trade register