The criminal law department deals with every kind of criminal offence covered by the Penal Code. We have a vast professional experience in the defence of individuals and legal entities, especially in cases in connection with foreigners being involved in legal proceedings in Spain.

Our team combines the own needs of an environment increasingly more complex and international with a personalized treatment with the client to offer them the best procedural strategy. Currently, we are putting emphasis on the defence of our client’s interests considering the new regulations of the criminal liability of legal entities.


  • Legal counselling and legal assistance in criminal matters
  • Special attention to foreigners charged by the Spanish state prosecutors
  • Representation and defence of victims of crimes before Spanish courts
  • Misdemeanours, traffic accidents and other criminal offences against people
  • Consulting about extradition requests between Spain, on one hand, and Holland, France and Italy and the other
  • Corporate offences. White collar crime.
  • Crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order
  • Money laundering
  • Criminal offences against the Public Administration and against the Judicial Administration
  • Criminal offences against public finance and social security
  • Workplace health and safety crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Criminal offences against honour and reputation
  • Criminal offences against the market and consumers