Tax questions are of greater significance in the economy of companies and private individuals, especially when they are being carried out in a country where the law and its costumes are unknown. Because of that, it is essential to be able to rely on a legal advice which anticipates possible conflicts that may arise, facing them with efficient and definitive solutions. We also believe that it is fundamental to have an optimal tax planning according to the needs of each client

We offer a service of permanent and punctual service in the field of Tax Law in order to help our clients with the compliance of their accounting, formal and fiscal obligations. Our team provides its services to companies both national and international and private individuals in the different areas of Tax law. Of course, we always sort out the best strategy for every case in order to optimize your fiscal position.


  • Study of records and updating of fiscal situation of a company
  • Counselling, presentation and payment of taxes
  • Corporate tax
  • Income tax (IRPF)
  • Wealth tax
  • Value added tax (IVA)
  • Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts (AJD)
  • Inheritance and gift duty
  • Local taxes, (Establishments, Property Tax (IBI), Tax on Commercial and Professional Activities (IAE), capital gains, etc)
  • Fees and public rates
  • Tax planning
  • Defence in case of tax inspections
  • Advising about tax advantages in connecting with reinvestments in real estates
  • Representation in tax disputes
  • National and international taxation of private individuals and legal entities
  • Counselling in all matters related to the Spanish Tax authorities.


In the field of fiscal and accounting management we offer the following services:

  • Accounting and periodic declarations
  • Supervision and review of periodic declarations
  • Planning, monitoring, control and advising in case of pending debt collection matters
  • Financial advice: optimization of costs and debts
  • Presentation of countable closing and analysis. Diagnosis and conclusions
  • Cost analysis
  • Budget preparation