Migratory flows in the whole European Union have increased over the past decade and have modified the social reality which is getting more multicultural every day.

Our firm, being fully aware of that, has a team of solicitors of different nationalities and a vast experience in immigration law, who know very well the needs of foreigners. We advice you in this field with maximum efficiency, helping our clients in order to get their permissions and fulfil their formalities before the immigration authorities.

Consulting in this field requires a very special attention, that’s why our solicitors will address you in your mother tongue.

Our solicitors of foreign origin know very well the environment of Spain. Because of that they are able to find the solution which adapts perfectly to your needs.


  • Administration of residence permits
  • Counselling about immigration issues at international level
  • Planning of expatriation processes
  • Administration of every kind of work permit for Spain
  • EEstablishing mobility policies, expatriation and immigration for employees of companies.
  • Management of dislocated workers


  • Application for the EU citizens’ family card
  • Renewal of the EU citizens’ family card.
  • Registrations in the Central Register for Foreigners
  • European regulations governing family reunifications.
  • Modification of the EU citizens’ family card to the general system
  • Modification from the EU regimen to a residency and work permit for employees
  • Modification from the EU regime to a situation of residency permit except employment permit
  • Modification from the EU regime to a situation of non-lucrative residence permit.


  • Applications for family reunifications
  • Residence permits for social integration
  • Residence permits for work reasons
  • Residence for exceptional circumstances
  • Temporary residence permits for family reunification
  • Non lucrative residence permits
  • Temporary residence for work reasons in relation to investigations
  • Independent residency permit for regrouped families.
  • Temporary residence and work permit for fixed terms. Senior management personnel, athletes or top artists.
  • Residency and work permits for employees
  • Managing of job offers in SEPE and SOP
  • Residency and work permits for freelancers
  • Modification of residency permits to residency and work permits
  • Modification of the residency and work permit in case of change in sector or geographic scope.
  • Modification of the residency and work permit in case of change from employed to selfemployed status
  • Renewal of residency permits.
  • Renewal of work permits
  • Renewal of temporary residency permits for family reunification
  • Residency permit except employment permit
  • Renewal of temporary residency permits for investigation
  • Mobility of foreigners admitted for investigation in Member States of the EU
  • Authorizations for seasonal work or campaign work in the fields of cross boarder service delivery
  • Application for student visas.
  • Renewal of student visas
  • Work permits for students
  • Reunification of families for students
  • Modification of student visas
  • Internships or training programmes


  • Citizenship for residency before the Civil Registry
  • Acceptance of citizenship
  • Citizenship by choice
  • Simple presumption of citizenship
  • Corrections of birth certificates
  • Civil marriage
  • Registration of marriages held outside of Spain
  • Appeals against the rejection of the application for nationality
  • Transfer of records from the Central Civil Registry to the local one


  • Appeals, restitutio in integrum and extraordinary appeals for review before any administration
  • Contentiousadministrative proceedings before any Spanish judicial instance
  • Claims for property damage liability against administrative institutions
  • Defence against expulsion orders
  • Appeals against expulsion orders
  • Defence in cases of infringements against the Immigration Regulations