Spain and France have a very close relationship, not only because of the similar cultures or the geographical proximity, but also because of the fact that France is Spain’s main trading partner. According to the information of the French-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, France is Spain’s main client (15,7% of its exports) and its second most important provider (11%). Also, in 2015, the trade volume between France and Spain increased to the amount of 66 billion Euros.

In order to respond to the close relation between both countries, Bressers Lawhas been maintaining a specialized legal department since the year 2007 which provides services to both Spanish clients with activity in France and French clients with business in Spain.

Added value

The French desk is led by French and Spanish solicitor Anne-Laure Chamouleau who has a vast experience in both jurisdictions. Chamouleau has already advised a big number of French-speaking clients, both companies and private individuals, especially in the fields of Spanish real estate law, inheritance law, business law and in contentious cases within an international scope.

The French desk offers the clients not only Bressers Law’s knowledge and experience in providing legal services, but also the practical advantages of the knowledge of the language, the culture and the French particularities.

The members of the French Desk speak French, Spanish and English.