The department for industrial and intellectual property law offers a comprehensive coverage in this field on national and international level. We advise our Spanish and foreign clients in all matters related to their non-tangible assets.

Our solicitors are specialized in providing legal protection for your products or services and their reflection on the level of industrial property and intellectual. Our law firm’s added value comes from our experience in consulting and defending our client’s interests especially when their non-tangible assets cover more than one jurisdiction at the same time.

For many years now, we have been providing a complete service to Spanish and foreign clients in all matters related to their non-tangible assets. Furthermore, we widely know about new technologies and the corresponding business models which result from them.


  • Legal advice in connection with industrial and intellectual property rights
  • Registration and licensing procedures as well as other contractual arrangements in connection with nontangible recordable goods (trademarks, patents and industrial designs) and nonrecordable ones (copyright, knowhow and technology).
  • Civil proceedings before the Trademark Courts
  • Administrative proceedings before the EU Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market considering the trademark and the community design registry.
  • Representation before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), before the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI).
  • Development of protection strategies
  • Legal advice for producers and artists: negotiation of contracts, production of works and commercialization strategies, protection of intellectual property rights
  • Litigation regarding brands, patents and domain names
  • Legal actions in case of piracy and usurpation of rights
  • Procedures in case of violations of intellectual property rights
  • Legal actions in case of violations of the right to honour, intimacy and the own image
  • Legal actions in case of copyright infringements and infringements of related rights
  • Drafting of reports and legal opinions about possible usurpations of rights
  • Notarial requirements and possible negotiations in order to reach outofcourt settlements
  • Negotiation and drafting of assignment contracts and usage right licenses
  • Action for damages

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Mariëtte & Henri van Gelder

We have only had very positive experiences with Bressers Law, both professionally and personally.

From Holland we sought legal advice for an inheritance case in Mallorca where nearly all the documents were missing, and also along the way learnt that the apartment was not even in our family name; a very complicated case in several ways. We did not contact Bressers Law until we were told by two other legal advisors that they could not help, that the case was too complicated. We went to Bressers Law and they advised they could help. They have handled every problem step by step and always in accordance with our instructions and opinions. We have carried on in a very positive way and we were always included in the process and were let to do what we could; very efficient and cheaper for us. When others threw in the towel, Mr Bressers carried on, in a very persistent, professional and honest way. Together we have solved all the problems, including even having to locate the former owner in Norway who bought the property in 1982, which only made the matter more exciting and interesting. It is good to know that in Spain there are Dutch experts you can turn to in confusing and complicated situations.

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Confort Villa
Barcelona – Alicante

The know-how, work speed, as well as the personal thought and professional way of dealing with cases, show that things can be done differently in Spain. That this involves living up to these promises is in fact just a formality.

Special Fruits N.V.

Experiences are good!

Campolanda S.L.
Netherlands / Alicante

Bressers lawyers deliver professional work

De Bruin Trading B.V.

Service is "excellent"


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